Dead Sea Mud Makes You Feel Alive

The invigorating benefits of Dead Sea mud products and in particular the Dead Sea Salt scrubs and bath salts have been known for centuries.  Even two thousand years ago, the Roman writer Flavius was writing about how immersing yourself in the Dead Sea’s naturally buoyant waters were good for you.  Other ancient scribes dubbed it the “fountain of youth”. Peasants and royalty alike traveled for miles to benefit from the healing mud on the shores of mysterious body of water which because of its high salt content keeps human bodies effortlessly afloat.

The reason that the Dead Sea is so unique is because its waters contain more salt than the waters of any other sea or ocean. Normal sea water only contains 3% salt but the Dead Sea water contains 27% salt. Dead Sea is near Jerusalem in the Judean Desert. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and a gift from nature that has been spared the ravages of evolution and pollution. However recently Dead Sea Salts have become more expensive as global warming is causing it to shrink in size and its shores to recede.

Dead Sea water also differs from ordinary sea water in that it contains a variety of minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. The salt in the regular seas of the world is primarily sodium.

Although sodium is beneficial for your health (it is essential for the proper functioning of the vascular system and the immune system) the additional salts in Dead Sea Salt mud and products have additional healing properties. For instance, Dead Sea Salt contains magnesium, which is good for both edema and stress, slowing down the aging of the skin and combating stress. The calcium in Dead Sea Salts is also good for preventing water retention, increasing circulation and strengthening bones and nails.

The potassium in Dead Sea salt mud and salts also helps to balance the fluids in the body, and detoxify the skin and blood. Potassium is a mineral that many of us are depleted of after we exercise and immersing ourselves in a Dead Sea Salt bath is one way to minimize the after-sport aches and pains.  The bromides in Dead Sea salt also ease muscular aches and pains and are also known for their ability to detoxify the body of nicotine.

To sum up the benefits of using Dead Sea mud or Dead Sea salts are –

  • Relief from inflammatory or joint diseases
  • Relief from psoriasis, acne and other skin diseases
  • The stimulation of circulation
  • Relief from stress


Additionally the Dead Sea salt products saturate the skin with health giving minerals, prevent dehydration and produce a healthy, natural skin tone.  If you use a Dead Sea Salt scrub it can help exfoliate and get rid of old skin cells so you have a more radiant complexion.

Taking a bath in Dead Sea salts is so simple that many overlook it as a remedy. Dead Sea skin products promote health while balancing elements in the body, and creating unbelievable benefits to skin, hair and nerves that have been stretched out to the limit.

Furthermore there are no side effects or allergic reactions that are usually associated with Dead Sea Mud or Dead Sea products unless fragrance, oils or perfumes have been added to the product. Be sure to read the labels of any Dead Sea products that you buy carefully as it is very common for them to be marketed with an added scent of some kind. This is because the natural smell of true Dead Sea Mud is actually quite sulphuric.