What is Personal Self-Development?

Before you go into business you might want to take some personal development courses.


The goal of any personal self-development is self-improvement and improved relationships with others as well as the ability to conceptualize and then actualize one’s most cherished dreams and aspirations.


So, what is personal self development?  It can be –


  • Improving awareness of the self so you do not react in ways that negatively impact your business
  • Setting an attainable goal so that your business does not fail
  • Letting go of the past so that it does not inform how you handle the present
  • Building a new identity that is your personal brand – one that fits with your business
  • Developing latent talents and strengths that you may not even know you had
  • Improving your financial situation so you can get a bank loan
  • Learning how to have faith in your gut instincts so you make good business moves
  • Confronting your worst fears so you are more confident
  • Deciding what you want to do for a living so you open a business that you enjoy
  • Managing your time so you are more efficient as wasted time is usually wasted money
  • Becoming a more effective communicator so nobody misunderstands you
  • Learning leadership skills that are helpful in business
  • Repackaging yourself as an ideal candidate for a loan or as the head of a business
  • A weight loss program so that you have the strength to run your own business.
  • Pursuing higher education that will help you run the business well
  • Getting a makeover so that you “look” the part of whatever it is you want to sell.
  • Quitting a job to become a freelancer so that you are more prepared to run your own business
  • Improving your ability to meet new people, which is crucial to getting more business
  • Preparing for retirement by figuring out how much money your business can actually make
  • Stockpiling for an emergency or planning an exit strategy after you have made the amount of money you wish to make

The above list is not complete but it gives you an idea of all of the answers to the question “What is personal development.”  Notice that self-improvement can be applied to many different aspects of our contemporary reality including economic, biological, organizational, archival or other structures. For instance, if you are bad with money you can learn to recognize that. Many people achieve these types of goals with the help of a career counselor, a debt counselor, a life-coach or by taking specific classes in such disciplines as neuro-linguistic programming or life coaching.