Face Skin Products With Acai

Acai is now becoming a common ingredient in many skin products, including ageless skin products. For those of you not familiar with the dark black berry it was declared a super food by best-selling author and health guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone who raved about its ability to help reduce signs of aging.

The berry is small and is a product of the palm berry tree. It is native to the Amazon in Brazil where natives have benefited from using it for years. Traditionally it is served as a sauce, drunk as a slushier or served as a drink in Brazil.

Consuming the berry is miraculous when it comes to making you look younger but it can also have very basic positive effects when applied to the skin. A mask made out of Acai fruit is thought to be very beneficial to the skin.

Acai is a particularly powerful source of anthocyanin’s which is an effect type of antioxidant that helps prevent blood clots, improves circulation ion, combat cancer, prevent the clogging of articles and stop cancer.  These same anthocyanins when applied to the skin have very powerful anti-aging properties.

Acai also has some very subtle ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. The berry is richly endowed with phytosterols, which stop cells in the skin from breaking down due to pollution.  The berry is also chock full of Vitamin C which has been proven for years to be beneficial to the skin as the vitamin is also a potent free radical fighter.

Yet another skin friendly vitamin in the Acai berry is Vitamin E which smoothes and heals the skin. It is particularly beneficial for acne scars and makes the skin look less pitted and more even.   The Acai also contains more calcium than milk and the sugars in the berry are excellent exfoilants for the skin.  Dead skin flakes melt away to expose fresh new skin beneath giving people the appearance of looking younger.

Other trace elements in this important berry from the Amazon shows that it also contains trace amounts of manganese, chromium, copper and moron. In subtle amounts like this these minerals have been shows to be very beneficial for the skin in general – helping the skin cells to retain water and look plumper and more youthful in general.

Acai berries also contain oleic acid, which is beneficial for the skin in terms of helping it look plump, dewy and soft. The acid is also a mild exfoliator that melts of the top cells of the skin to reveal nicer looking newer skin beneath.

You need to get a quality cream as the ones in the ageless line of products because the acai fruit spoils so easily.  However once you do buy the facial cream with acai in it you can rest assured that you would be getting antioxidant power that is fifty times greater than mangoes, three times greater than blueberries, two times greater than pomegranates and up to thirty three times greater than wine grapes.